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Is your business stuck at under $20K-100K per month? Learn a whole new twist on the way you operate your business. Create a highly leveraged long-term business model that allows your business to fit around your lifestyle – instead of the other way round. 

"Momentum is the tipping point that takes you and propels you from average to extraordinary, where you can shift from a baseline of 1X to 10X in the same amount of time, but with much greater impact!

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I help established business owners and solopreneurs simplify their business while growing it at the same time - I work with them to connect more deeply with their core audience, show them how to win more business deals and help them unlock untapped revenue streams to maximize their income potential, minimize the non-essential stuff and get their lives back too.


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What Others Have To Say About My Coaching


James made me focus on the critical steps that were lost in the noise of unimportant tasks. I was able to turn around my business in weeks not years.... James' insights and coaching crystalised my critical path items and saved me months of work.


Brad Birchall

Advisor - Entrepreneur - CEO

James is a marketer’s dream. Having owned an ad agency for 10 years, and while working on projects with companies like Porsche, KPMG, NEC, GSK & Disney during my 30-year career in AU and US, I have collaborated with some very inspired professionals. But James’ mind is like a scalpel – he cuts to the chase, he trims all excess fat, and arrives at laser-focused messaging

Paul 'Vegas' Miller

CEO, Co-Founder - MGM Grow


Why Aim for 10x versus 10%?​

When I initially start working with many business owners and entrepreneurs they are often focussed on safe, small incremental shifts like how to create 10% improvements in their businesses. 


Instead, I inspire them to adopt a more powerful mindset where your aim is to gain the momentum, acceleration and altitude to go 10X bigger (10X cheaper, 10X faster, 10X cooler) etc. When you shoot for 10X improvement you approach your challenges in a radically different fashion.

  • When you attack a problem as though it were solvable, even if you don't know how to solve it, you’ll be shocked with what you come up with.
  • 10X vs 10% improvement is 100 times more worth it… but, it’s never 100 times harder.
  • And then, having a moonshot, focuses and motivates you, your team, attracts fresh energy to you, and critically allows you to create breakthroughs and new products/services along the way.

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“The general who wins a battle makes many calculations in his temple before the battle is fought. The general who loses a battle makes but few calculations.”

Sun Tsu, The Art of War


How I Can Help You

I help business owners and solopreneurs position themselves as goto people in their marketplace, help them gain more clarity to connect more deeply with their core audience, increase their visibility and footprint using digital platforms so that they can leverage their time, skills and sales opportunities and maximize their income potential  -- and then minimize the non-essential stuff so they can get off the roller coaster and get their lives back!

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