• Hire me as a personal coach

    I work with a handful of deeply committed and powerful individuals. These are people who have already started businesses and tasted success in their lives and now they want to create the truly extraordinary. These individuals are creative, curious, and resourceful. I don’t charge “per session”. My coaching contracts are long term — at least six months and usually a year or more. More >>

  • Group coaching

    In addition to working with men and women one on one, I also offer the Momentum 10X Coaching and Mastermind Group for those starting out in their business who want to fast track their results! If you’re at the point where you’re serious about creating something truly extraordinary in your life and business, then check out More >>

  • Book a call

    If you have a thorny problem you can’t solve, or a huge opportunity you need some highly focused short-term advice on we can help. It's fair to say that a single call with me will create MIND-SHIFTING openings for your entire business along with specific opportunities for income, profits and satisfaction that will transform your world forever! More >>

  • Hire me to consult on your project

    Got a business project you need help with!  My fees are very reasonable for the kinds of results you’ll be getting and are based on the size of your business and last year’s revenue. Typical retainers start at $5-10k ex GST. For companies with more than $1,000,000 in gross sales, and depending on your business model it's a retainer plus 3% -6% of the documented increase in revenues I help you produce. More >>

James got me better at running my company.


He introduced me to so many things - from time management tools, to better ways to qualify leads and prospects vs suspects, prizing myself, so I stopped consuming my time on less important matters and with low value timewasters -- so I only spoke with my peers and other key people of influence, he helped me see and get rid of the busy work in my business, automating, adopting the cloud, outsourcing, creating products on the fly, framing my service and the value of my products, creating new products out of things I used to give away because they turned out to far more valuable than I realised, improving my project management, energy management and simplifying things down to a process or system that are repeatable and can be done by almost anyone or can be fully automated - 


Probably most importantly he helped me value and honor my knowledge so that I wasn’t overwhelmed or distracted by the latest and greatest shiny object - or diminishing myself to others who I had mistakenly put on the pedestal of 'so called' authority… 


Now I’m playing a bigger game on a bigger stage with bigger players and I love it.

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