Who is Joe Morabito? 

Joe Morabito is a leading Melbourne real estate agent specialising in off market and sales by private treaty in Melbourne CBD and Inner suburbs. Joe is also the director of the Pavilion Property Group —a Victorian based bi-coastal real estate group that has consistently ranked as the #1 sales team. Joe's clients describe him as being uniquely informed about the complex markets he serves, incredibly responsive, and always thinking ahead. His main focus is to provide the best possible experience for each of his clients.


You have my full attention!

By design Joe employs a team to take care of the day to day, allowing Joe to give you and your property his full attentionWhen you hire Joe to guide you through one of the most important decisions of your life, you get his full undivided attention, not passed over to some unknown associate.


How Joe is different from any other agents

  • He'll provide you with unmatched marketing collateral and ideas
  • You'll benefit from his intuitive pricing strategy 
  • His proactive approach to delivering you incredible value

An Intuitive pricing strategy & unmatched marketing collateral and ideas

Joe has been the go to agent for a number of sellers and well-known developers in and around Melbourne for over a decade. And they have trusted him to design and employ strategic marketing campaigns for over $100M in closed sales. Let Joe share with you his insights and help you sell your property or buy the home of your dreams.

  • Off Market Sales

    Joe deals with many owners of high-end and bluechip properties who prefer discretion, privacy and professionalism. If you don’t want to open your home open for inspection or have a long, drawn-out public campaign this is an ideal solution that will work for you.

  • Premium Network

    Joe has spent a decade building and cultivating a premium network of buyers and investors who look for specific properties and opportunities - when you sign with joe you access this network to market your own property

  • Sales by Private Treaty

    Joe can position and promote your property to the market so that it maximises its mass appeal and invite offers from interested buyers. Marketing your property this way gives you greater flexibility when it comes to negotiating your preferred terms. 

  • Exclusive Listings

    Joe maintains a number of private and exclusive listings of some of Melbourne's most remarkable homes and boutique apartments audience - he has a decade of experience in the prestige and high-end real estate market.

  • Private Auctions

    Joe regularly conducts private auctions where pre qualified buyers bid in a private forum. This gives them time to study your property, bid, review and bid again. This flexibility provides buyers the opportunity to bid, and achieve their highest bidding level.

  • Extraordinary Results

    Whether you're buying, selling or leasing a home, Joe Morabito is regarded as the goto guy you can count on. For properties in Melbourne's CBD or inner suburbs extraordinary results are just a phone call away.

Money Loves Speed,

But... Time Kills Deals!

When it comes to successfully selling prestige homes the single biggest truth is that money loves speed. But time kills deals. The longer a property lingers on the market the less its attractiveness to buyers and premium it commands. That's why you need an agent that's active, reads the market, deeply understands the needs of the buyers and can bring qualified ones to the table with strong offers that you can be confident of. Right now the market is buoyant. Prices at their peak and high end buyers looking for something unique and central.


If this sounds like something you might consider take out your phone and give Joe a call 


Good coffee and many of Melbourne's best kept secrets - Joe knows a thing or two about inner city real estate. 

Growing up in inner city Melbourne, Joe was always drawn to inner city living and quality real estate.  And with a father who is an engineer who wouldn’t be?  The inner city lifestyle and rich Melbourne culture. Smart cars. Stylish outfits. Bespoke tailoring and custom shopping.  High end apartments and classic buildings are just part of the allure of living in the heart of the city. 


But many of Melbourne’s best kept secrets are known by a select few Joe Morabito knows Melbourne's lanes, streets, buildings and eateries intimately.  If a little luxury is on your wishlist or you want to find an inner city sanctuary or that signature apartment that comes fully loaded with everything you could ever wish for and totally unique Joe will know which doors to knock and where you want to start.


To deal with the best in inner city real estate, an agent needs to know the city They can’t just talk the talk. In order to succeed, you need to walk the walk and know what makes Melbourne tick… the heartbeat of a city is more than cafe’s, coffee and culture. With many clients wanting privacy off market sales are common and with the increased level of difficulty comes an increased level of expertise that is required to sell quality homes.


Joe says that to be in CBD and its nearby precincts, you need to know what your clients really want. It’s a matter of continually educating yourself. Inner city buyers and sellers are far more discerning than others - for that reason Joe spends hours reading blogs and articles that his clientele read getting - It’s not so much playing in their And he certainly speaks the right language.



Joe believes in matching his client's lifestyle to the home of their dreams

Looking for that Something Extra Special?

Joe is constantly networking with past clients and the community to find homes that aren’t yet on the market and on people's radar to give his clients the first look at fresh housing stock before it becomes available to the masses. If you want extraordinary or special...

Client’s Love Joe

Joe's marketing strategy continues to be trendsetting for the way premium homes and apartments are being sold. He continues to raise the bar with his unique and innovative ideas

Excellent communication. Our dealings over the purchase were excellent  We felt Joe was giving the sale process his full attention and his follow up and assistance with the paperwork and follow up issues was excellent!

Mike McCann 


Wonderful Agent! Joe is excellent to deal with, genuine, responsive and extremely helpful in navigating this whole (stressful) process. He developed a great marketing campaign tailored for the property and keep me fully informed at all times. Joe wants you to make informed decisions - which helps keep you grounded and balanced between desire/emotion/ expectations and achievable reality. And, that he does in spades. Can and do highly recommend Joe!

Pam Angus


In the 6 months I spent looking for a house in the inner North and West of Melbourne Joe was by far the most credible agent I dealt with. His follow up was well beyond anyone else I was looking to buy from. Even after bidding on several properties at auction I still had trouble getting agents to take me seriously and keep in touch. From the first open house I attended Joe called me back, wasn't pushy, answered all my questions and when he didn't have an answered he found out and called me back when he said he would. He made the entire process as painless as possible and I wouldn't hesitate to use him for buying or selling in the future

Tom Cunningham


It has been a pleasure to have Joe Morabito as my agent during three recent property transactions. During each of these transactions Joe has minimised the associated stress levels by being totally empathetic and supportive. The amount of time devoted to communication and explanations of current market and marketing strategies, whilst also being sensitive to budget was amazing. The whole process allowed me to relax and be assured that the process was being dealt with in a professional and timely manner. Joe's communication skills are simply excellent and his ability to negotiate on my behalf, simply beyond my highest expectations. 

Jai Tatlock


Benefit From Joe's Professional Sales Process 

It all starts with a great partnership

  • GET THE HOME READY FOR SALE,  Professional Designing and Staging Services Provided

  • PRIVATE LISTING PHASE,  Demand more. Private Event. Obtain reliable data. Get more info

  • MARKETING AND PRICING STRATEGY LAID OUT,  What is being done and when is it being executed to proactively sell your home?






Joe continues to set innovate the way homes are being marketed and sold in Melbourne and offers clients privacy when off market sales are the preferred way to deal. Pavilion continue to be a leading luxury and premium agent locally and on the coast. Joe excels at connecting extraordinary lives with extraordinary homes. If that's you, then reach out and give him a call.

    "I have an overriding philosophy about how I approach real estate: I focus 110% of my efforts on delivering the most competent, time and money-saving service to all my clients. I believe in transparency, honesty and leaving no stone unturned when it comes to selling your property or finding you that unique place that you're after. This way I’m able to deliver you the results you want and you’ll look forward to working with me again."

    Joe Morabito

    "Joe not only surpassed the amount I'd secretly wished for. He set a record for the street."

    I've been a luxury and high-end builder for over 40 years and have dealt with my share of agents over the journey - Last year we had to sell my Father’s home in East Hawthorn. I've lived in the area all my life I and didn’t want to deal with the usual suspects and other ‘big brand’ agents - And having previously sold my own home a few years earlier with another highly touted local agency I was totally underwhelmed by their whole campaign, auction day and the result. A friend in the know suggested I speak with Joe. From the moment we sat down I knew I was working with the right person to sell Dad's home. He was 100% upfront with me about all aspects of his sales process and shared with me his clear plans to deliver the crucial result. Once I'd signed on, Joe was focused and on the ball, called me almost daily and kept me in the loop. Something I'd never experienced with other agents. Joe also wasn't bringing me tire kickers and time wasters, the people other agents often show up with to make up numbers, but who are really just sniffing around with no intent to make an offer - Instead we had a select grouping of solidly profiled active buyers. Joe's pitch and marketing approach was far more intuitive and I have to say he nailed it - his read of the market, the buyer's personas and their specific needs was spot on and he was confident we'd sell prior to auction well above the average for the area.


    True to his word we sold prior to auction - And Joe not only surpassed the amount I had secretly wished for. He set a record for the street, which given the quality of homes surrounding us was truly amazing. Not only were the couple who bought the property delighted, Joe established a great rapport with the buyers who missed out and he unselfishly connected them with another agent to find and buy their dream home nearby.  I recommend Joe to anyone with the highest respect for his professionalism and everything he brings to the table.

    Michael Malacos

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