Jan 10, 2019

Projects: Let’s work together 

Creative advisory for businesses, founders and startups

I work with a small coterie of clients 1:1 to fine tune their marketing and messages 

Here is how we can help:

  • Help you get clarity about what is most important to you.
  • We’ll look at what IS working, and what is NOT working currently.
  • And then figure out what resources and/or systems your need to create that win!
  • Once all the above is in place, then we can set up regular calls to make sure your on track.
  • We’ll continue to tweak as needed as every person is different. There are no out of the box solutions.

So let’s get you going! When would now be a good time to start!

We believe in curating successful business partnerships & culture and want to make sure we work with high quality individuals, entrepreneurs & businesses who have a bigger vision, mission and purpose - as well as common interests and passions.  If you do begin an engagement with us, then one of our team will immediately start digging deep into your business and learn everything we can about you, your mission & your business goals. If this sounds interesting, contact us for a confidential discussion.


“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work.” Steve Jobs


Super Tight Deadline? Ask about my Premium Priority Service. Onsite Workshops and one-on-one sessions are in demand with limited availability. I work with people who are above average in all areas, high performers who want to succeed at the highest level, are above average intelligence, have busy schedules, are coachable, 100% committed and value high quality advice and creative input to help their project's success.

So How Much Is This All Going To Cost?

Let's schedule a meeting where we can scope your needs

Let's Talk

Let's meet and talk about your business project over a coffee!  My fees are very reasonable for the kinds of results you’ll be getting and are based on the size of your business and last year’s revenue. Typical monthly retainers start at $5k ex GST. For companies with more than $1,000,000 in gross sales, and depending on your business model it's a retainer plus a percentage of the documented increase in revenues I help you produce. Some clients prefer a straight retainer - and situations vary according to circumstances.


My fees are reasonable, and that is because your results are guaranteed in this important way. When you 1) work with me for 12 months and 2) diligently do the things you agree to do, I guarantee you will be fully satisfied with the results. If you aren't, I’ll continue to work with you at no charge until you are satisfied, or at my option, I’ll refund your money.


So you shoulder no risk whatsoever and you win in either case.




See what some of my other clients think.

Advisor - Founder - Entrepreneur - CEO

Bradley Birchall

“A habitant a mollis rhoncus a felis dictumst cras ad tristique ipsum conubia primis ligula.

Mollis rhoncus a felis dictumst cras ad tristique ipsum conubia primis ligula.”

Director Pavilion Property

Joe Morabito

"James has one of the best marketing minds I've come across! From concept to execution, he comes up with amazing calls to action and has great knowledge on human behaviour and lead generation. Highly recommended and worth getting him on retainer for extended service"

Digital Marketing Manager

Andrea Kift

"James has a wealth of knowledge in the digital marketing space but he is also a great source when it comes to business and ideas. A chat with James always results in a fully re-charged battery of motivation and inspiration."


Founder of Cristal Rock Media

Gregory Watters

“Having James on your team will be a big plus. He is exceptional and generally makes "the difference" on any project you may have. A global thinker, he can see what others can't in seconds. His mind works faster than the speed of light and his highly creative and straight forward approach will contribute to your success."


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